Drink me Chai now exports to over 20 countries!

Where to find Drink me Chai?

Below is a list of countries where you can find Drink me Chai. To find your nearest wholesaler or for more

information email us on: export@aimiafoods.com and we'll be happy to help!


Why stock Drink me CHai?

Appeal to a wider audience

With hundreds of options now available for coffee shop menus, customers expect a wider range of choices and don’t expect to have to compromise on their favourite hot drinks.

Consumer Recognition

Stock a brand your customers will recognise! Drink me Chai is the UK's leading Chai Latte brand.*

*Kantar Data Report 2021 


All our blends are made with Natural & Authentic spices to deliver a traditional Masala Chai taste profile.


Taste is key when serving Chai Latte's, 74% of our consumers said they use Drink me Chai for 'The taste of chai' alone.*

*Independent Chai Latte survey 2020

Recruit a Younger Demographic

The age profile of Chai Latte consumers is very similar to that of the high street coffee chains.* Start recruiting for a younger demographic with Drink me Chai today!

*Mintel UK Coffee Shops Market Report 2021


Export and wholesale opportunities

To find out more about distributor opportunities, get in touch today

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