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Drink Me Chai

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What spices are in Drink me Chai? Drink me Chai has a secret recipe of authentic spices, only known by our chief blender. The spice mix contains such spices as; Cinnamon, Cassia, Allspice, Black Pepper, Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves, Star Anise.

What is a Chai Latte? A Chai Latte is a product of western coffee shop culture, combining traditional Masala Chai with western milky coffees to create a lower in caffeine latte alternative which combines a spiced flavor profile with a milky latte. It is made with steamed milk, much like that used in a caffè latte, but mixed with a spiced tea concentrate instead of espresso.

Does a Chai Latte have coffee in it? There is no coffee in a Chai Latte, but it does contain small amounts of caffeine. In a 15g serving of chai, the caffeine content is approximately 0.01g = 10mg.

What does a Chai Latte taste like? Made from a blend of aromatic spices, skimmed milk and sweetened black tea, our Chai lattes deliver the perfect harmony between flavour and sweet milky indulgence. They are often described as a cinnamon spiced hug in a mug.


Is Drink me Chai Halal? The products are not currently certified Halal. All ingredients within the recipe are suitable for a Halal diet and we are looking towards Halal certification in the future.


What’s the difference between your Chai Latte Powders & a Chai latte Syrup? The main difference is that most syrups use synthetic spices to recreate the taste of Masala Chai, whereas our powders use natural & authentic ground spices as they have done in India for centuries. 

Masala Chai

What is Masala Chai? Masala Chai is a flavoured tea beverage including dried tea leaves (Chai) and masala, a blend of spices varying from region to region, but usually includes the basics: ginger, cinnamon, cloves and green cardamom.


Why is it called a Chai Latte if it has no coffee in it? It is called a Chai ‘Latte’ because it is made up with steamed milk, much like that used in a caffè latte, but mixed with a spiced tea concentrate instead of an espresso.


How many calories are in one of your Chai Latte’s? It differs slightly between products, but one serving of our Spiced Chai Latte mix, made up with hot water is roughly 65 calories.

How many calories are in one of your Chai Lattes when made up with milk? 15g serving made with 200ml semi skimmed milk contains around 162 calories. For the Vegan product, this will vary depending on which milk is used to make it up.

Can chai latte’s keep you awake? Our Chai Latte powder contains small amounts of caffeine. In a chai Latte that contains a 15g serving of chai powder, the caffeine content is approximately 10mg. To put this in perspective a typical cup of Green Tea contains 30mg of caffeine and a typical cup of English breakfast tea has about 42mg.


How long does it last once opened? Shelf life is 24 months, once opened recommend consume within 8 weeks.

Why have your products switched to a metal tin packaging? We have switched our products to a tinplate metal packaging as this means they will now be 100% recyclable and can be processed along with the rest of your household recycling. Tin is infinitely recyclable and therefore can be recycled over and over without any loss to its protective qualities. This means it has a higher reuse and recycling rate than the previous composites and therefore gives us the potential as a business to improve resource productivity while reducing waste disposal.


What tea is in Drink me Chai? We use Black Tea Extract in all of our Chai products.


What milk alternatives would you recommend with Drink me Chai vegan? We would recommend using an oat milk with our vegan products as these are sweet and creamy. These give a finished product similar to that of whole milk or cream even. It is also good for the health conscious too as it’s got a higher fibre content and lower fat content than whole milk. It also provides decent foam on your latte.

Does Drink me Chai Vegan have any Vegan accreditation? All of our Vegan products are accredited as Vegan by The Vegan Society.

Does your Vegan Chai contain coconut? Our Vegan Chai contains coconut oil.

What type of milk powder is in your Vegan chai? We use Soya milk powder in our Vegan Chai so you can make it up instantly with hot water as an easy solution.


What allergens are in Drink me Chai? Milk is the only allergen in our non-vegan products and we include this so you can make up instantly with hot water.

Is Drink me Chai suitable for a vegan Diet? Our newly released Vegan Chai Latte Powder is suitable for a Vegan diet.

Is Drink me Chai Gluten Free? Yes all Drink me Chai products are Gluten Free. 

Make Up Advice

How would you recommend making up Drink me Chai at home? For best results at home:

1.      Add 3 teaspoons of powder into a cup.

2.      Stir in 200ml hot water or hot milk for café style.

3.      Top with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

4.      Sip & enjoy.

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